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Цитата с инструкции на яховской сбиг конференции:

It is easy to see if you chip passes this criteria. Warm the camera up to 25C. Take a dark frame exposure of 1 second. Make sure it is in a dark environment of course. In Maxim (or your favorite FITS reader) set the black point to say, 5000 ADUs. All but the really hot pixels will be black. If you don’t see any pixels, you’re done. Otherwise, go on to the next step:
Now make a sub-frame around each of the suspect pixels in turn (still at 25C). Making a sub-frame minimizes download time to get the dark time as close to 1 second as possible, otherwise the download time itself skews the result. Since the ST-10 uses a gain of about 1.5 electrons/ADU, if any pixel is over 8000 ADUs, that constitutes a cluster defect.

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